Our aim is for parents and staff to work together to help children acquire the skills, attitudes and habits to succeed at school and throughout life. We will value the journey that each child and family undertakes, focusing on the quality of the experience. A Family Centred practice approach will underpin our program.

We acknowledge that the rights and interests of children and respect for all cultures are paramount in all our dealings with families and children.

We believe “Play is a precious thing to do” (Kathy Walker, 2011). Children learn through first hand experiences that are relevant to them. Children should be active and creative explorers; not afraid to try out their ideas and think their thoughts. We will use a combination of intentional teaching and child and family initiated programming linked to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and Early Years Learning Framework to guide children toward independence, higher self-esteem and confidence, persistence, empathy, respect and dignity for themselves and others.

We acknowledge that every child is unique and requires time to explore, to investigate, to imagine and to practice skills at their own pace. We aim to create programs accessible by all which respect the individual diversity displayed by children.

Our role as Early Childhood Professionals is to draw on our knowledge, experience and expertise to design a program which is flexible, encourages process over product, views children as capable and helps them to develop trusting, secure positive relationships.

We will draw upon the strengths of all team members to promote an orderly environment that meets the needs of all users. We aim to be life- long learners of pedagogy (skills of teaching) and offer the children and families we work with, best practise and responsive growth to their needs and educational outcomes.

Lipscombe Park Kindergarten is a non-profit, community based organisation. The Committee of Management is a group of elected parents and is responsible for the management of the Kindergarten. Committee meetings are held monthly. All parents are welcome to attend, however only committee members have voting rights.

In March 2015, Lipscombe Park Kindergarten had its National Quality Standard Assessment & Rating visit. It was conducted by staff from the Department of Education & Training. The goals of the assessment process are to provide an assessment of the education and care service against the National Quality Standard and the National Regulations. The kindergarten is rated on 7 key areas. The National Regulations prescribe the rating levels within the assessment and rating process.

The outcomes could be:

  • Significant Improvement Required
  • Working Towards National Quality Standard
  • Meeting National Quality Standard
  • Exceeding National Quality Standard

Lipscombe Park Kindergarten Received The Following Results:



Quality Area 1 Education Program & Practice EXCEEDING
Quality Area 2 Children’s Health & Safety EXCEEDING
Quality Area 3 Physical Environment EXCEEDING
Quality Area 4 Staffing Arrangements EXCEEDING
Quality Area 5 Relationships with Children EXCEEDING
Quality Area 6 Collaborative Partnerships with Families & Communities EXCEEDING
Quality Area 7 Leadership & Service Management EXCEEDING

The Committee of Management and staff were extremely pleased to receive exceeding in all 7 areas and to receive an overall rating of EXCEEDING!