sample activities calendar

Below provides a sample of the types of activities held at kindergarten throughout the year. 

*Please note all activites scheduled are indicative only and are subject to change


  • Rabbits at Kindergarten
  • Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser
  • Get to know your Lipscombe Park Community Welcome Picnic 
  • Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser
  • Easter Raffle


  • Entertainment Books Available
  • Working Bee
  • Mother's Day Morning Tea
  • Kidding Around Child’s Photography
  • Box Hill Hospital Excursion
  • Jack and Molly Incursion: 3YO Groups (Diamonds) and (Emeralds)
  • Responsible Pet Program
  • Croydon Hills Primary School Children Visit
  • Indigenous Visitor Incursion by Didgeridoo Australia
  • Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Open Day 


  • Picture Plates
  • National Science Week
  • Book Week
  • Audiologist Visit
  • Father's/Special persons Reptile Encounter Incursion: (Diamonds) and (Sapphires)
  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
  • Early Childhood Educators Day
  • Kinder Disco
  • Bee Incursion: (Rubies and Emeralds)
  • Footy Dress Up Day


  • Book A Chook - Chicken Hatching at Kindergarten
  • Woodworking Night with Norm Stephens: (Rubies) and (Emeralds)
  • Global Hand Washing Day
  • National Nutrition Week
  • Rhythm Fun Incursion: (Diamonds) and (Sapphires)
  • World Kindness Day
  • Gum Gully Farm Excursion: 4 YO Groups - (Rubies) and (Emeralds)
  • Maroondah Festival Sausage Sizzle: (Please contact the fundraising committee if you can help in any way)
  • Christmas Party
  • Clean Up Day